Clients appreciate Maria’s background in complex business environments which allows her to quickly understand their business context and help them efficiently diagnose and solve for leadership and organizational performance challenges.

They also appreciate her 1:1 coaching style which is known to be as direct and challenging as it is personable and compassionate.

She is fully invested in the success of her clients, and they know it.

Gary Rich, Managing Director at Rich Leadership; co-founder of The Leadership Room

Here is what I have seen during the time we’ve worked together: Maria is an exceptionally intuitive reader of executives - their strengths, their roadblocks, their potential, and even the games they sometimes play. She quite effectively parlays that insight into a role of Trusted Advisor-quickly developing relationships with leaders and coaching them in ways that increase their leadership impact. Her capability as a coach is world-class. She also demonstrates an extraordinarily high level of learning agility, quickly coming up to speed on new programs and situations. She’s purposeful, focused, and tireless in the quest to develop leaders for the future.

Senior HR Director, IT Services & Security firm

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Maria when she agreed to be the Executive Coach for one of our C-Suite executives.  I’ve known Maria for over 20 years and have always appreciated her terrific capabilities, from leading large-scale company leadership and development programs to Executive Coaching.  As an Executive Coach, Maria combines robust, objective assessments combined with her own business insights and experience to identify areas for the growth and development of any Executive leader.  Additionally, Maria’s experience in large multi-national technology companies and her personal style -- which blends a fantastic combination of insight, courage, and empathy -- positions her well to be an effective partner and Coach to her clients.  I highly recommend Maria to any Executive wishing to gain the insights and tools needed to take their leadership ability to the next level!

Farah Tuten, VP, Manufacturing Operations – Tech Industry

Maria helped me develop into a better manager and leader. Through personal coaching sessions, we identified my main areas to improve and developed a plan with accountable goals and milestones. She is by far the best coach I have worked with during my career because of her manner of delivery and direction – firm but caring. She helped me identify behaviors and actions I was doing with unintended signals to those around me including body language and mannerisms. I would recommend Maria to anyone with a desire to improve themselves personally or professionally.

Beau Parnell, Principal at Parnell Consulting

Maria has the rare talent to not only handle the day-to-day tactical challenges and issues required in the corporate world..... She sees the BIG picture and knows how to articulate strategies necessary to create what's needed in a very competitive world. Maria is an excellent thinker and able to see clearly through the dust, dirt, and smoke that often paralyzes others.

Steve Frezon, Global Operations Leader – Tech Industry

Maria has worked closely with me and my leadership team on competency assessments, development plans, and action follow-up. Her insights are second to none and she is able to connect the dots on different data points to enable a consolidated development plan. Maria is a listener but also challenges leaders to accept and understand the feedback and hit it head-on to improve. She is very structured in her approach and efficient. I highly recommend Maria for any leadership development, coaching, or team dynamics engagements.

Carol Dunnigan, VP, People and Culture – Tech Industry

I have known and worked with Maria for over 20 years and continue to be impressed with her intelligence. Maria combines her broad HR business partner experience with a deep understanding of the tools and methods for best-in-class assessment, development and coaching for leaders. Her work sets a standard of excellence that few can surpass, and she’s left an indelible impact on the leaders that have benefited from her leadership programs and personal coaching. Any corporate leader would be lucky to work with her.

Jon Cheek, Engineering Leader and Leadership Development Program Alumni

Maria headed NXP's Leadership Development Program where I was fortunate enough to participate and get to know her better. Maria's personality really makes it easy to connect and communicate, which is especially important when doing soft skill training like leadership development. Her engagement and attention to detail in the program made it one of the most valuable and worthwhile investments in time and effort that I've done in quite a while.

Hazel Cardwell, Head of Talent and Development at Ogier

I worked directly with Maria on a number of global talent and development programmes and found her to be creative, dedicated, resourceful and a perfect blend of ‘big picture’ thinking and detail orientation. Maria is a highly credible HR leader who has a natural talent for ‘reading’ her audience, both in terms of the solutions she designs for them, but also in how she communicates with, and engages them. Senior leaders trust her instincts and guidance, and her drive and energy routinely deliver successful results.

Innotech Conference attendee

I rank my coaching experience at a 5! Our session allowed me to look at my process and situation differently and provided insights into where I am now and what needs to be done next. It also helped me to validate my perspective. At this point, I am clear on my current tasks. Coach was very professional and offered inspiring help.  (feedback based on a one-time, 30-minute speed round of coaching)